Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Brooks leather saddles

Once upon a time the only saddle worth buying was a leather brooks saddle, in my opinion it still is as it's the only saddle that will conform to your shape and fit you perfectly. Many modern cyclists dismiss the brooks because of it's weight as a lightweight plastic and titanium saddle weighs less , well maybe they do but in the past few years Brooks has started producing titanium railed saddles to save weight and attract the new bred of cyclists who previously only used the light weight racing saddle mentioned above. Brooks is the oldest established saddle manufacturer in the world today carrying on the tradition that John Boultbee Brooks started back in 1866. He bought himself one of the few - fangled velocipedes that were popular at the time and was more than displeased as the wooden saddle was excruciatingly uncomfortable and because his father was in the saddle making business for horses he set about designing something better than that crude saddle that came with his velocipede. Over the years he improved his saddle designs as the popularity of cycling grew and some of the early Brooks saddle designs are still available today. Brooks saddles may not be cheap but then they are made of very high quality leather and the whole process of manufacturing a single saddle can take up to 90 days. They have also recently introduced a few pre aged saddles to speed up the breaking in process as it takes considerable time to break in your new brooks saddle but once it has been broken in and conformed to to your shape you'll be thankful you purchased a Brooks, pictured above is one of the new saddles released by brooks which is a re issue of the Sprinter. The Sprinter first appeared in the 1925 catalogue and the last catalogue to feature it was the 1957 catalogue but now it's available again. For more info on Brooks check out their fantastic website showcasing their products at


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