Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Restoration update

Since I first bought the Humber to Japan I have un- laced both sets of wheels since the spokes were rusted and unsafe for touring upon doing that I was able to clean up the stainless steel 26 x 1 x 3/8 Dunlop Endrick rims and the hubs . Also the frame has been polished ( I didn't want to re paint the frame as it still has the remains of the shop transfer where the bike was purchased ) and all the chrome fittings have been polished, the medium-drop Lauterwasser bars and Humber lamp clip were re chromed in NZ. Last Sunday I collected my new wheels as I had my local bike shop here order some heavy gauge spokes and re build the wheels , they look fantastic as the front wheel is 3 cross and the back is 4 cross ( the rear hub is a Sturmey Archer ABC with has a drum brake & internal 3 speed ). The only new parts that have put on it are new spokes, tyres & tubes the other parts that have recently been fitted to the Humber are period parts from the 1950s such as Miller chrome bell, Raleigh kick stand, Lucas dynamo. Today I received from Thailand a full set of 1950s Humber sports decals that I won on E bay , these are very hard to find in good condition and will look great on the Humber. My plan in restoring my fathers bike is to make it look like it hasn't been restored at all as I want to keep it looking as original as possible. Pictured in this post is the set of Humber decals I won on E bay

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