Thursday, 1 March 2007

The bicycle shop transfer

In the post is a photo of the only surviving transfer left on my Fathers Humber , the faded remains of the Humber transfers were practically gone which is a shame but then again I was recently lucky enough to win some 1950s Humber Sports transfers on Ebay. The transfer in the photo is typical of Bicycle shop & cycle agents transfers around the 1940s, this one is from the C.F.A ( Canterbury Farmers Assn ) which was an old fashioned dept store throughout New Zealand. I remember visiting the store with my parents when I was a youngster but by that time the bicycle section had long gone and there were no Humber 3 speeds for sale. The C.F.A has now disappeared from my home town but in other parts of NZ it continues to operate under the name " The Farmers " a reasonably priced dept store. My Grandfather also worked for the C.F.A in my home town as a tractor mechanic for many years before retiring. The C.F.A transfer is rather plain compaired to earlier cycle shop transfers that I have seen over the years as all cycle shops had their own colourful designs put onto water based transfers which were then applied as a way of advertising their store. In restoring a bicycle the shop transfer is of great help as from the info on the transfer you can then research where the store was located and with careful searching at your local museum you may even be able to find a photo of the store where your bicycle was sold. If the transfer is in reasonable condition it shouldn't be removed as it's part of the history of the bike. Far too many novice restorers get their bicycle repainted without taking down detailed info on the transfers & pin striping details on their bicycle , even if the slight remains of pin striping & transfers are visible these should be recorded or sketched down as a future reference when it comes time to paint the bike. Also it is possible to obtain the old cycle brand transfers through the website listed below or on ebay if you are lucky


yob_ymmit said...

Hi There.

I'm currently repainting an old Humber frame, but having trouble finding suitable replacement decals.

There are some images here;

Do you have any suggestions for where I might be able to see images of the 'as new' bike, and sources of decals/transfers?

Any help would be appreciated!


Tim Galea

Don Speden said...

Hi Tim

I am sorry but I could not see the photo of your Humber if you e mail me at maybe I can help you out as I have an old Humber catalouge that may show your bicycle

Cheers Don