Thursday, 22 March 2007

Cateye strada

I know, I know it's not trad and it shouldn't be on a 1947 Humber sports , but in this case I'm making an exception as my fathers Lucas speedometer is broken and beyond repair. After spotting the above computer at my local bike shop and seeing it could be mounted on the bars or fitted to the stem I thought because of it's small size it would stand out too much if it was fitted to the top tube just behind the headset. I fitted it to the Humber yesterday and it was very easy to set up , requiring no tools at all and the users manual is very easy to follow. It has the following functions which the old style cyclometers didn't have such as a clock, Km or miles, current speed, max speed, trip distance, average speed etc. As I plan to do a lot of touring this year the computer will come in very handy on those long back country expeditions into the Niigata hills. And I plan to keep a record of the trip distances for future rides etc. The photo above shows the cateye strada fitted to the top tube of my Humber.

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brian southwick said...

Mr. Speden, this is a sacrilege. You had better remove that Strada posthaste and hand it over to me for safe keeping.