Monday, 5 March 2007

Ebay transfer review

Recently I spotted on E bay some original water slide bicycle transfers such as Phillips, Humber etc and after much thought I decided to bid on some, I did miss out on the first set of Humber transfers but I got lucky on the 2nd set of transfers I bid on. I received the transfers in good condition from Thailand , my guess is the person selling these transfers stumbled across a pile of NOS transfers from the 1950s and has been selling them on E bay. Last Sunday I spent the morning applying the Humber transfers to the bike , apart from the larger one piece transfers such as the head badge, coat of arms, the other small transfers were so brittle they fell apart in the water before getting them on the bike. But in saying that the transfers I did manage to apply turned out very well and my next step is to give them a clear coat of nail polish to protect them from the elements. Even though some of the transfers fell apart or were un use able I was glad I purchased them as it very difficult to obtain period transfers from the 50s or earlier , so if you see some that might be of use to your restoration grab them before someone else does. But bare in mind you have to be very very careful when applying them and they are extremely fragile due to their age. The photo in this post is of one of the water slide transfers I applied which is the Humber head badge.

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