Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Bluemels Mudflap replica

Thanks to the great chaps on the Gentleman Cyclist Internet forum I was able to download a scan of an original Bluemels mudflap to copy ( if I was back in NZ I'm sure an old bicycle shop would have one in stock ) . So yesterday being my day off I went to the local home center and purchased some black rubber sheet and a strip of .8mm Alloy to make a Bluemels mudflap. At first I printed out the mudflap from the net then got it the right size on the photocopier. After having a good printout of the mudflap I them made a pattern from heavy paper and cut out the alloy clip that's fixed to the mudflap. It was very easy to make and didn't take long to fix to the black rubber sheet that I had cut. The clip is held onto the flap with nut's & bolt's ( very small with washers on the back ) and then I placed it onto the mudguard and bent the clips round the back . It looks the part and holds onto the guard very well. So if you can't find one at an old bicycle shop or E bay check out this link as that's where you'll find the scan of the mudflap.


DAN said...

Could I trouble you for a PDF of your print outs of the mud flap? I need one here in the slushy winter.

DAN said...

I can not find the print out.