Monday, 9 April 2007

The Tartan Thermos

Just recently I have noticed here in Japan that you can now buy tartan Thermos flasks again, these flasks upon close inspection I'm sorry to say and not made in the traditional home of thermos but a cheaper copy made in China nether the less they look the part and according to some owners ( my student's brought some to our recent hanami party ) they work just fine. They come in three handy sizes small, med & large with a screwtop cap covered by a bright red cup in which to drink your beverage from. I remember my parents using something like this on family outings and I used to sell the spare caps & flask liners for the poor sods who dropped their flask, from a dept store where I worked in the early 1990s. I think that the tartan thermos is a trad cyclists must have item as along with your lunch box filled with ham & cheese sandwiches what could be better than your tartan thermos filled to the brim with your favorite hot or cold beverage ready to drink from. Pictured above is an older style Thermos which you can find on E bay now and again.

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Aaron said...

Don't feel bad the "real" Thermos are no longer made anywhere but China. Including, I am sad to say, the big green Stanley bottles.