Sunday, 27 May 2007

Exploring the Kanbara line part 2

After leaving the spot were the two rail cars were located we headed a short distance up the road in search of the end of the line. And hidden behind a Lawson convenience store was another carriage and train. The electric train was built in 1930 and one of the oldest I've ever seen so it was strange to find it behind a convenience store alongside a busy road as if you were driving you would never see it . Parked out side the Lawson was a young farmer's son in a hotted up K truck ( a K is what all the rice farmers in Japan use and they are about 650cc ) and this truck was covered in racing stickers, speakers and had every automobile accessory known to man fitted to the dash. I wish now I had taken a photo of it as it was unreal. Pictured in this post is the old electric train & carriage behind the Lawson.

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