Sunday, 27 May 2007

Exploring the Kanbara line

Earlier in the week my cycling companion Brian suggested that on Sunday the 27th we trace the route of the old Kanbara railway line that went from Gosen to Murumatsu. This line was closed in 1999 after 77 years of operation and I was surprised to learn it was the 1st electric line in Japan. So we met up in front of ICI Ishii sports in Bandai at 6.45am ( a very early start but at least there aren't many cars around at that time ) . After getting out of the city we headed for the small city of Gosen , it was overcast which made for perfect cycling weather and before we knew it we were in Gosen stopping off along the way at a Japanese sweet shop were the Mama san treated Brian like a long lost son ( even though he had only been there once before ) and even gave us some freebie's for the ride. After reaching Gosen it wasn't too difficult to find the old Kanbara line which we then followed towards Murumatsu. This line would make a fantastic cycle path but alas it's not to be, as now it's just overgrown with weeds and some buildings now intersect it along the way. Along the road towards Murumatsu we stopped off and took a look at two of the old rail cars which have been rescued from the elements and are now housed under a shelter built by the remains of railway sleepers and maybe even an old station roof. Pictured above is a photo taken along side the two rail cars

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