Monday, 7 May 2007

Golden Week cycling - Fukushimagata

The next trip which I did was a 45km return trip from Niigata to Toyosaka City which is across the Agano river from Niigata City , the reason I rode out to Toyosaka was to visit Fukushimagata which is the largest lagoon in Niigata Prefecture. In this lagoon there are 250 different species of birds, including the large bean goose and 350 different species of plants. From the days of old, the people living in this section of Toyosaka made a living from the fish and plants around the lake. Even now, the ditch reeds which grow very thick in the lagoon are cut each autumn and used for roof thatching, making reed screens, and as a material for wall building. Located within the lagoon area is a reconstruction of a Japanese farmhouse and a large viewing tower plus a restaurant to cater to the many family groups that come here to visit. I had never been to Fukushimagata before so after asking a few locals for directions within the City I finally found the lagoon and stopped near the reconstructed farmhouse for some some photos and a pipe. The above photo shows the reconstructed farmhouse with it's fantastic thatched roof. It was a splendid place to stop and admire the lagoon while smoking a pipe. In the next few posts you'll see some of the other photos that were taken that day around the lagoon.

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