Sunday, 27 May 2007

Inside the old roadside store

The photo above was taken inside the old roadside store showing old glass jars of candy & sweets , and newspaper cuttings featuring the store. It was a very interesting shop and while we were there several family's stopped off to have a drink & a snack. After departing the store we headed further down the valley into Kamo and stopped to check out an old historic bank that had seem better days as it was now boarded up and falling apart. If this building was located in NZ it would have been restored by now but here in Japan some towns don't care too much for saving local buildings which is a shame. After leaving Kamo we took the Shinano riverside road back to Niigata which seemed to take for ages , but we finally made it back into the city at 1pm and after devouring several plates of food at a local buffet restaurant I was ready to head home. Upon reaching home my cycle computer read 107 km which was the longest ride I've done in a long time, but well worth the effort

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