Sunday, 27 May 2007

An old roadside store

Along the way down the valley into Kamo we passed a old roadside store which I had seen about a year ago while travelling in a friends car , so I yelled out to Brian and we rode back to the shop to check it out. We were greeted by 3 older ladies ( the owner who was full of chat said she was 80 yrs old and her family had run the store for the last 130 yrs ) . The shop sold can drinks that were held in carved out stone tubs laying on the floor with fresh spring water flowing through them and it seemed the shops main attraction was the konyaku ( a traditional Japanese dish made from a special kind of Mt potato ) which is cut in noodle like lengths with kurashi ( mustard & Soy sauce ) and boiled eggs. I sat down for a drink of lemonade and had two boiled eggs and smoked my pipe and checked out the vast array of newspaper cuttings and photos that were displayed around the walls. The shop had been featured on NHK TV several times and another film crew was due to arrive the day after to film this historic shop. The old train line could be seen directly across from the shop but over the years the road had been widened and was now dangerously close to the entrance about 30 cm from their front door. And traffic sped by without slowing down maybe unaware that the shop even existed.

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