Thursday, 24 May 2007

A seaside village " Urahama " Part 2

Once I had entered Urahama I felt like lunch and what better to have with lunch than a cold can of beer. Small rural villages like this do not have any 7 eleven stores of course but almost every where has a local shop selling a few food items and ice creams for the local kids. After cycling up a small rise that leads towards the pass over Kakuda I came across a very old run down building that had several crates of empty sake & beer bottles outside. This is the place for purchasing beer I thought, so in I went and was served by an old Grandma who seemed rather cheerful and inquired would I be riding over the hill like so many of the Lycra clad cyclists that head this way. I told her I wasn't as I was just stopping here for lunch before returning to the city and paid for my two cans of Kirin beer before departing to find a suitable shady spot for lunch. After a short spin through the village taking photo's I chanced upon a large temple and found a shady spot for lunch next to the temple bell. It was a most pleasant place to have lunch as from there I could view the Hawks flying above the temple against the bright blue sky. After consuming my lunch it was time for a pipe and a beer , it's moments like this that I really enjoy as sitting at a temple in a small rural village is so different from the pace of the city. The speedo on my bicycle computer read 47 km and as lunch was over it was time to head back down the hill , through the tunnels and back into the city. I had a fantastic day out and by the time I had arrived home I had done 87 km , this years longest ride so far.

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