Thursday, 24 May 2007

A seaside village " Urahama "

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a day off and it was a fantastic day so after a hearty breakfast and making some sandwiches for lunch I set off for Sakata lagoon. I rode into the city and took the cycle path along side the river which leads out of the city towards the coast. There were many other cyclists out and about and I spotted a couple of them twice throughout the day as well as some local track riders out training. After heading along the seaside road I took a detour to a small tobacco shop that has a wide range of pipes and tobaccos not found in the city and there I spied a Made in England adjustable wind cap for a pipe, just the thing for cycling so I had to buy it of course. Once back along the seaside road heading towards Maki I made good time and took a left turn through some unknown small village and a low range of hills that brought me onto a road that led to Sakata lagoon. I stopped for a short time at the Sakata lagoon visitors center and took a look about the lagoon with the aid of some bench mounted binoculars ( very interesting ). It had taken me 1 hr & 30 mins to cover the 30kms to the lagoon with some stops along the way. So with plenty of time to spare and fine weather I decided to head over the hill towards Kakuda beach . From there I rode out through a corridor of fantastic green trees and wound my way slowly up the incline above Kakuda beach. The 1st gear of the Sturmey archer hub on my bike is not quite as low as I would like for hill climbing but at least it gives me a good workout. After passing through a couple of small tunnels above the coast I came upon Urahama village which is nestled under Kakuda Mt above the sea. I have ridden out to Urahama a few times over the years with my cycling companion Brian Southwick and it's a fantastic trad village with a small pop of 100 of so and several old Japanese houses. Also it's a popular point for cyclists as from Urahama you can head over the top of Kakuda and down into Maki town. But as I was in need of lunch I thought I would stop here. Pictured above is a photo taken on one of the small village roads in Urahama.

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