Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Murasugi Spa part 2

After hearing from one of my students who lives near this area that a free foot spa had been built recently I decided to try and find it. Well upon entering Murasugi spa I soon found out where it was as it was located behind the public onsen up a slope. So after parking my bike near the foot spa I filled up my water bottle with some fresh spring water located across from the spa and then took off my shoes & socks to refresh my feet. The foot spa was free and it seemed to be proving popular as many couples & families came & went while I was there. Everybody seemed thrilled that this had been built and my feet felt fantastic, so after chatting to some locals who went there everyday I dried my feet in the sun and proceeded to explore the roads around the village. After cruising around the village I found a road the headed up a valley and decided to follow it , little did I know that this was the start of the Yamabiko rd which is closed all winter due to snow but I'm glad I continued the uphill grind to discover it. Check out the next few posts for more info on this part of my trip. The above photo shows the foot spa located in Murasugi village

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