Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Murasugi Spa

Well as the rain season is approaching fast I try to make the most of my days off, so yesterday Wed the 6th I had a day off and it was fine with reports of rain coming late in the day. So I decided to head for Gozu an area of small mt villages and spa towns located at the base of the Mt Gozu. I left home at 8am and after an 1hr & 10 mins I was in Yasuda ( now this area is known as Agano City as many of the smaller towns have merged ) and after passing through Yasuda I headed around behind a small hill located next to Suntopia World ( a kids theme park ) from there I explored the back roads that run parallel to route 290. I had never been on any of these roads before but they were most interesting as I came across villages that I didn't know existed, it was rather peaceful compared to the narrow but busy route 290 which often has a lot of heavy traffic. After joining 290 for a few kms I then headed up the road to Murasugi spa a small village of osen hotels , barber shops , and a well known tofu shop where the master aparently dresses up in cowboy style riding gear to ride his motorcycle, a Harley no doubt. Musasugi is only a small spa town but seemed pretty busy while I was there and that was in the middle of the week. The above photo shows part of Murasugi with a public osen that is located in the center of the village.

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