Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Sturmey Archer hub mishap

A week or two ago I had a mishap on the way home from work one evening, as there was a bang followed by a big crunching sound from my 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub. It had been skipping in 1st gear for a while but I put that down to old age as the bike is 60 years old. But after the mishap with my hub I have been forced to borrow a friends bicycle while my new bike arrives. I have ordered a 24 speed Kona Smoke for commuting to work on and general touring as it will be more reliable than the Humber for daily use. But I haven't given up on getting my fathers Humber back on the road again and I've had a kind offer from a fellow 3 speed bicycle nut who has offered to repair my Sturmey Archer hub for me. I think now that I may have been a bit hard on the Humber as I did a few long rides deep into the hills of over 80kms or so. So once I have the Humber back on the road again I'll take more care of it and only do modest short rides so as not to damage it etc. In the meantime I'll continue this blog but I'll be using my new Kona smoke for touring on instead of the Humber.

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