Thursday, 7 June 2007

Swan lake brewery

After a long hot ride and a heart stopping downhill with my brake pads melting I needed a beer & luckily not far from Gozu is the Swan lake brewery which serves fantastic award winning beer. Over the years the brewery restaurant has expanded to include Ikarashi Tei a restored large landowners residence which offers fine dinning and Kura an old Japanese storehouse converted into a bar with private rooms. So after a short ride towards Suibara where the brewery is located I was soon sitting down outside Kura with a glass of porter if only I had bought my pipe with me but in my rush to leave home I had forgotten it. After a relaxing beer at Kura I was ready to hit the road towards Niigata & just after I left the brewery a car travelling behind me honked their horn and waved out , it was one of the couples who I had spoke to while cycling along the Yamabiko rd. By the time I had arrived home it was 2.30pm and I had clocked up 75 kms , but what a fantastic day off. The above photo show some scenes taken at Swan lake brewery

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