Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Yamabiko road downhill

After riding up and down a few gentle curves and taking in the awesome scenery the main decent started down towards route 290. I must point out that 60 year old sturmey archer drum brakes do not slow you down when you are a rather robust chap like I am and soon my front fibrax brake pads were squealing like a stuck pig scaring off every wild animal within 3kms of me no doubt, luckily nobody was around to witness this or complain to me. But being a little worried I stopped to check my front brake pads only to find they were melting and sticking to the SS rims and man were those rims hot, dam hot. I took it very easy squealing all the way to the bottom of the road as it would have been dangerous to have let go of the brakes on such a downhill as this. The photo in this post was taken just before the fun started

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