Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Araya river

After departing Akatani Village there were a few small hill climbs followed by some fantastic downhill sections towards the village of Mikawa. Before reaching Mikawa I took a side road and followed the Araya river , I had often wondered what was up this valley on previous rides along this road and as I had plenty of time I decided to do some exploring. The photo in this post was taken from a small bridge further up the river , it seemed to be very popular spot for Ayu fishing and the water was crystal clear giving the fisherman a good chance to spot any fish that may have been lurking. It is easy to spot Ayu fisherman as they use a special rod which is about 9 - 10 mtrs long and they are often fully clad in wetsuits. After taking the photo in this post I headed up the road further alongside the beatiful Araya river, usually Japanese rivers have large concrete embankments but the Araya river is very natural and not unlike rivers back in my homeland of NZ. The road seemed to go on for quite a distance so after a while I turned around to make my way back to the main rd towards Mikawa.

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