Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The big loop ( distance 122 km )

Well as I had a day off yesterday and I knew it was going to be fine , I decided to do the big loop which was a ride from my home here in Niigata City out along the Agano river and across to Sasagami mura and along route 290 towards Shibata City then up the cycle rd into Akatani and down to Mikawa and then back to Niigata City. It sounds easy when you put it like that but in reality it's a very hard ride with some decent hill climbs and the hot humid weather made it even tougher. I noticed a temp gauge in one village that read 32 deg and if it wasn't for owning a 2 ltr camelbak ( drink system ) I wouldn't have attempted this ride in such hot weather as I consumed 10 ltrs of water throughout the ride. I stopped at fresh water springs to refill my camelbak throughout the journey and had lunch at a convenience store at Mikawa station before heading back along route 49 back into Niigata city. Pictured above is a map showing the big loop

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