Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Shibata to Akatani cycle rd

After heading along route 290 I took a short cut over a small hill behind a local golf course to meet up with the Shibata to Akatani cycle rd. I used to ride this cycle road quite often when I lived in Shibata and it brought back many fond many memories of the trips I took while living there. This was the first time I had been back to this area for 6 years so it was nice to be cycling up the valley towards Akatani once again. About 8 years ago the Shibata city Govt constructed a fantastic cycle road on the old railway line from Shibata to Akatani, the original line went beyond Akatani further into the hills to the coal mine. Even though the cycle rd stops a little short of Akatani village itself , it offers cyclists & walkers fantastic views of the local country side with rest stops & toilets along the way. It is not only used for recreation as many locals who live along this cycle path use it regularly to commute to work or school. So in my view it would be better if local Government's spent more money on projects like this, than building more highways that are not heavily used because of the high road tolls involved. The photo in this post shows a view of the cycle road looking towards the hills of Akatani

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