Sunday, 9 September 2007

Mikawa to Tsugawa back country rd

Well as the weather has started to get less humid I decided to explore a back country rd from Mikawa to Tsugawa through the mountains. My cycling partner for the day was Sunil another English teacher who lives in Niigata from Texas, after making plans through the week we met at Niigata station at 7.30am on Sunday the 9th of Sept. After finding out it was free to take your bike on board Japanese trains we decided to give it a try and it was a fantastic way to get deep into the mountains without battling the traffic along the busy road next to the Agano river. Several other cyclists were boarding trains that morning as well and after an hour we had reached our destination Mikawa Eki ( Eki = Station ) . Mikawa is a tiny village with a population of 4116 ( as recorded in 2003 ) , but in April of 2005 Mikawa merged with 3 neighboring villages to form the town of Aga. Pictured above is a map showing planned route ,although we didn't complete the full circuit we had a great day out in the Mountains. Read the next few posts to find out what happened.

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