Sunday, 9 September 2007

Natural spring water

Luckily for us in the Mt village was a fantastic natural spring that offered cool refreshing water, so I emptied my water from the 2 ltr camelbak drink system which I had and refilled it with the fresh spring water that tasted a lot better than the water from my tap at home. Little did we know that this was to be our last water stop for several hours. After filling up our water bottles we headed up hill on a concrete rd that went on for about 5 km or so before turning into a rocky dirt road. I was surprised there were no downhill sections at all and we just kept going up & up. For anybody not used to hill climbing this would have been rather hard work, I took plenty of rest stops to allow Sunil to catch up, but this time it had become quite hot and a little humid which made things a lot tougher for both of us. Pictured above is a photo of myself filling up my camelbak from the natural spring

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