Sunday, 9 September 2007

Return to Niigata

After filling up on water we both cycled downhill back towards Mikawa Eki and upon arriving at the Eki at 2.15pm we saw that the next train bound for Niigata station was due to arrive at 3pm. So after packing our bikes back into our bicycle bags we went across the road to the convenience store for the food, the pickings were slim being it was almost mid afternoon but we found enough to satisfy our hunger for the time being. I have since heard that the ramen shop across from the convenience store in Mikawa sells fantastic giant goza ( maybe I'll try that next time ) . Not long after boarding the train for Niigata at 820 yen a ticket it started to rain so we were rather glad to be sitting in the train than cycling in the rain. We arrived back in Niigata City just after 4pm and met our mutual friend Brian who kindly offered us a few refreshing drinks by the river. It's amazing what you can get up to on a Sunday in Japan. Pictured above is Sunil at the highest point we reached on our ride.

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