Sunday, 9 September 2007

What happened next ?

Well after a long slog up the mountain we came to a fork in the road where we had two choices, one being to continue straight ahead but there was a warning sign that stated the road was closed and unsafe or a road to our right which had a metal barrier but was concrete. I had noticed throughout our climb that motorcycles had been along this road as the tracks were quite fresh but we didn't know were they had started from and as our water supply was getting low we took the road past the metal barrier. This was to be our big mistake of the ride but we thought we made the right decision at the time. After riding up the concrete road it soon stopped and turned into dirt again but to our delight it went downhill. We thought our hill climbing was over and were looking forward to a nice downhill into Tsugawa Eki but it wasn't meant to be. As to our great surprise the road ended on a bluff and merged into a narrow hiking trail not suitable for cycling. So after a photo stop we had no choice but to ride back up the mountain and down to the metal barrier. As I was getting under the barrier I saw a group of 12 - 15 Macaque monkey's on the road about 20 mtrs in front of us, but they quickly took off back into the dense forest. From there we headed down hill and upon turning a bend we came across 3 motorcyclists on dirt bikes who then informed us it was not far from fork in the road to the sumit and then it was downhill towards the Onsen above Tsugawa village. They also stated there were a lot of snakes along the road as well. So feeling tired and not to keen for even a few more kms of hill climbing we made the decision to head downhill back towards the natural spring as we were both out of water as it was very hot. We had a fantastic quick downhill and were back at the spring drinking cool refreshing water in no time. We learnt a few lessons from this adventure, one get a better map book, two maybe we should have done more research on road conditions before we started, three we should have started earlier. Pictured above is the view from the highest point we reached throughout the day.

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