Sunday, 14 October 2007

Aizu Kawaguchi

After being shaken to bits on the downhill I knew than when we saw the dam we were about to finish our off road section and meet up with route 225 alongside the picturesque Tadami river. We were both relieved when we reached the sealed road along side the river and because we were both tired we headed for the nearest station which happened to be a JA ( Japan Agriculture) railway station at Aizu Nakagawa hoping to catch a train into Aizu Wakamatsu where we would then change trains to head back to Niigata City. But it was not to be as when we arrived at the JA station the next train was due 2 . 5 hours later so we had no option but to press on for route 400 which would take us over a low range of hills ( not more bloody hills ) into Nozawa where there was a station. Pictured above was the welcome sight of the dam

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