Sunday, 14 October 2007

A Border crossing

For a while my cycling partner Brian Southwick and I had talked about riding over the border from Niigata Ken to Fukushima via a mountain pass road where the summit is 1350 mtrs. Little did we know that undertaking this ride would be so difficult and tiring but we did manage to complete it even though both of us were extremely exhausted and we often thought of giving up. We met at 4.45am at our usual meeting spot in Bandai and rode at a quick pace out of the city and across to the town of Niitsu where we wanted to catch the 1st train that departed at 6.06am . After riding at a brisk pace we arrived at the station at 5.50am which meant we had to pack our bikes quickly into our bicycle bags and sprint for our train which we just managed to catch in time. From there we had a 40 min ride up the valley to Tsugawa which is where we got off the train and assembled our bicycles ready for the large ride that lay ahead. By the time we had assembled our bicycles it was around 7am and it was rather cold and foggy. After making our way through Tsugawa we found route 227 which would lead up towards the hills and the mountain road that we wanted to take. Pictured above is a map showing the route we took.

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