Sunday, 14 October 2007

A rare sighting

Not long after passing the entrance of the mountain rd we were coming around the corner when something caught me eye on the side of the mountain , it was a Kamoshika or Japanese serow a rare and protected species of Mt goat. In all the years I've been cycling here in Japan I have never seen one so I reached for my camera but as soon as it had spotted us it took off quickly up the hill into the tree line. I found the information below on the net as well as a good photo of one to give you some idea of what we saw.

The Japanese serow stand 60 to 90 centimetres at the shoulder and weigh 30 to 130 kilograms. Japanese serow are mottled brown and white and black underneath. Their fur is very bushy, their tails especially. Both sexes have short 10 centimetre horns, which curve backwards.

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