Monday, 26 November 2007

Rust : The cyclist's enemy

Pictured above is a classic example of what could happen to your bike if you left it outdoors everyday in the elements. I pass by this bicycle everyday on my way to work as it's sitting outside a dry cleaners and I can't believe the owner hasn't taken it away as it's un ~ rideable due to the amount of rust that has eaten many of the parts away, most noticeably the saddle or what's left of it now. After living in Japan for several years it always strikes me as odd that the average Japanese person has no idea that a bicycle needs a little oil now and again to keep it running smoothly. On three occasions I have witnessed rusty chains fall off bicycles while the owner was cycling, and then the owners discarded the bike like they would a chewing gum wrapper by throwing it onto the foot path and walking off " Unreal " . I sometimes think of the Monty Python sketch of the Bicycle Repairman who comes to the aid of a stricken cyclist in trouble, but in my case I would only need a can of CRC Oil to help them out. But if I were to undertake such a challenge I would have no time to work as I would be forever oiling the millions of rusty bikes that people commute on everyday.

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