Monday, 17 December 2007

What to do when it's raining ?

Well winter is here now and recently it's been about 4 deg most day's with constant rain which for a cyclist is not a lot of fun. So because of the terrible weather I've been using the local bus this week to avoid getting drowned on the way to work. Also due to the wet weather my rear brake pads have worn down extremely fast and with the rain & grit from the road my rear rims have a nice con caved surface now which means that next year I'll need to replace my rear rim at least. I think I'll fit a Araya super hard anodised rim to the rear as that way it might last a little longer. To keep in shape for my summer cycling adventures and to burn the various calories that I enjoy eating I have taken up rock climbing again. Many years ago I climbed quite a lot in New Zealand's south Island little did I know how lucky I was at the time with several large crags less than an hour from my home. Now as I live in Niigata city the local climbing area's are few and far between in Niigata ken. But just 5 mins walk from my house is an indoor bouldering gym with plenty of routes to keep most bouldering fans happy. Pictured above is a photo of the local climbing gym.

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