Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Cycling magazine

Pictured above is a copy of the old British magazine called " Cycling " if you do a search on you should be able to find a few for sale like I did. These magazines are fantastic for research into early British cycling as there are plenty of stories of tours throughout the British Isles and abroad, bicycle reviews and adds featuring the lasted parts of the period. I bought a lot of 5 magazines three of them were from 1938 and the other two were from 1948. The main reason I bought that set of books is that the bike I'm riding is a 1948 Humber sports and I was keen to get a better idea of that period as far as cycling trends and accessories are concerned. Also I have been able to reproduce some of the adds and art work for this blog as well. Magazines like Cycling and period factory catalog's from Bicycle companies are indispensable for fully restoring a period bicycle be it an early Rover from 1917 or a 1948 Humber sports 3 speed. Also some very kind people have also scanned some of these bicycle catalog's so we are now able to view them online which is a great help for someone trying to figure out what parts are missing from their bicycle restoration. One source of these scanned catalog's can be seen at the following site featuring Rudge & Humber catalog's

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