Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Climb the future bike shop

Recently I discovered a new bike shop not far from where I work called Climb the future, I thought that's a strange name for a bike shop but with some interesting looking frames and some single speed bikes on a rack outside the shop I thought I better investigate further. Upon enter the shop I met the owner Masato and his dog a dalmatian called beauty and then I discovered that this shop specializes in Piste bikes which are becoming popular here in Japan. The style of bike is basically a fixed wheel track bike , but with bling like colored brake levers, mountain bike bars chopped and narrowed with funky colored grips etc. A lot of these parts are not standard track bike parts but because of this recent boom some companies have started producing a whole range of multi colored parts to cater to the Piste bike riders. Niigata has about 20 hardcore Piste riders who can often be seen riding their fixes about town through the mall in the evenings. Masato led me upstairs to the 2nd floor of his shop which sells clothing and put on a DVD from the US which showed Piste riders doing tricks like riding backwards and flying around concrete skateboard parks which from an ex Mountain biker's viewpoint was rather interesting as a youngster I loved jumping my 24 inch Panther BMX cruiser out of our local skateboard bowl until I destroyed the one piece cranks and the rear wheel. While visiting the shop again today he was busy packing up a nice track frame to be sent to a customer in Tokyo and building up a custom Piste bike for a new local rider. Pictured above is a photo of Masato & his dog and his bike shop.

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