Friday, 18 April 2008

The Raleigh International

Pictured above is a close up of the fantastic lugs on a 1970s Raleigh International 10 speed, this is the other British bicycle my friend has recently obtained to sell on behalf. The Raleigh International was the second from the top of Raleigh's production bike line, below the Professional. Like the Professional, it the frame was all Reynolds 531, double butted, and it came with a full Campagnolo Nuovo Record group--except for the brakes, which were Weinmann centerpulls.

A 1965 Moulton deluxe 4 speed ?

Recently at my mates bike store he acquired two fantastic British bicycles the first one being the Moulton pictured above, which I think may be a 1965 Moulton Deluxe according to the details listed on the rear Sturmey archer 4 speed hub and the faint remains of the sticker on the main down tube. It's quite rare to see something like this in Niigata city and it will soon be gently restored to good condition before being put up for sale. Old bicycles which are often classics ( not antiques ) from the 1950s - 1960s often fetch large sums of money here as collectors with deep pockets are keen to obtain something that's seldom seem in Japan. For an example the above bicycle will most likely sell for around 120,000 yen which is just over US $ 10000 at present, the same type of bicycle can often be found on E Bay UK with starting prices as low as 25 GB pounds = US $ 50 but according to one Japanese friend who has been after an old Moulton for quite some time they are difficult to obtain.