Thursday, 8 May 2008

Return to the Yamabiko rd

Well as we had fine weather over Golden Week I thought I better try to get out cycling so when my mate Brian suggested an early start on May the 6th I was keen as mustard for ride even though I still had a bad cold , as I really wanted to get into the hills for a spin. After Brian & James arrived at my place at the early hour of 6.30am we headed out of the city and over the Agano river towards Suibara and rode around the Hyoko lake which in winter is famous for it's migrating swans from Russia. After passing through Suibara we rode past a Japanese Taiko drum makers workshop and stopped off at the Swan Lake Brewery to show James the restored Kura and grounds. After leaving the brewery which was closed we then headed onward towards Mt Gozu . The above photo was taken just up the road from the brewery.

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