Friday, 29 August 2008

Frank Patterson Artist

Frank Patterson cycling artist (or ‘Pat’ as he was known) was born on October 12th, 1871. His artistic talent showed itself quite early in life when as a boy in Portsmouth he illustrated sea stories for his sailor father who wrote for the ‘Boys Own Paper’.
As a young man Frank did design work for the furniture trade before his interest in cycling led him in the early 1890’s to the Temple Press, publishers of ‘Cycling’ magazine. From here onwards, scarcely an issue came out without some of his pen and ink illustrations. He became equally popular in the ‘Cyclists Touring Club Gazette’ where his pictures began to appear from 1925 onwards.

The above information was taken from the following website which has a fantastic collection of Pats work online.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Old " Cycling " magazine adverts from 1938

Pictured above are some fantastic old adverts taken from a 1938 issue of " CYCLING " a British magazine that was first published in 1891. If you wanting to get a good idea on the golden days of cycling e.g steel frames, 3 speed hubs, leather saddles & touring stories and of course adds such as the ones pictured above take a look on as you can quite often pick up old copies of "CYCLING" for a fair price.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A short spin

As I had the day off yesterday I decided to take a short spin on the Humber after lunch. I headed down the main road away from my house towards the Agano river where there are several parks the border the river as I thought that would be a nice place for a pipe & a beer. Luckily the weather was on my side and it only started to lightly drizzle on my way home. While at the river I took one of the photos above which also shows the Gozu mountain range in the distance, quite I often when I have a day off I take off early at sparrows fart = kiwi slang for early in the morning to ride out into the hills. On this day however I enjoyed some nice pipe tobacco & a bottle of dark ale by the river before taking another route back towards my house. One the way back I rode along side a few rice fields which will be ready to harvest soon by the look of them. For a short ride it was rather enjoyable and it was good to take the Humber out for it's first spin since being renovated.

Friday, 22 August 2008

A new frame pump

As I've just had the rear hub overhauled and ready for the coming cycling season I thought I better fit a decent frame pump in case I get a flat tyre deep in mountains. Not many companies these days make a decent trad looking frame pump suitable for a British 3 speed, but Zefal ( the French pump company ) does as the pump pictured above is their basic 15 inch frame pump. Of course like most things these days it comes with their logo printed on it in 3 places so no matter what way it's attached to your bike everyone will know it's a Zefal pump. But with some gentle cleaning using a fine kitchen post scrub I was soon able to take the printed logo off and then I applied some polish to it which makes it look much better. The photo above shows the pump with the logo and without and it mounted on the frame.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Humber is on the road again

It gives me great joy to be able to inform you all that my 1947 Humber Sports is now back on the road again. I would also like to express my thanks to a fine Gentleman Cyclist by the name of Jon Sharratt ( The organizer of the 3 speed tour around lake Pepin in the US ) as without him my Humber would still be sitting idle in my spare room. Quite some time ago my Humber suffered a terrible mishap while I was riding it home from work one evening which resulted in the internal workings of my Sturmey Archer ABC 3 speed / drum brake hub exploding. After consulting Jon he offered to help me get the Humber back on the road again by rebuilding the hub for me while retaining the original hub shell, also he installed a larger rear cog for pass storming as I quite often head into the hills touring on my day off. As I only now have one vintage bicycle with me here in Japan and this bike is a family heirloom I was most keen to get it in running order again. All it needs now is a nice Carradice touring bag with support rack and I could go on overnight runs as well as day tours. Pictured above is the 1947 Humber sports with a larger rear cog fitted & new chain. At the top is a scan of the bike from the Humber 1947 - 1948 catalog.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Brooks saddles " The movie "

Today while surfing the net I happened upon a Youtube movie showcasing Brooks saddles and their history. The movie is in two parts and follows the companies history and a tour of their factory, also shown is the many steps in constructing a Brooks saddle. If you a fan of Brooks saddles you'll find this short movie rather informative