Friday, 22 August 2008

A new frame pump

As I've just had the rear hub overhauled and ready for the coming cycling season I thought I better fit a decent frame pump in case I get a flat tyre deep in mountains. Not many companies these days make a decent trad looking frame pump suitable for a British 3 speed, but Zefal ( the French pump company ) does as the pump pictured above is their basic 15 inch frame pump. Of course like most things these days it comes with their logo printed on it in 3 places so no matter what way it's attached to your bike everyone will know it's a Zefal pump. But with some gentle cleaning using a fine kitchen post scrub I was soon able to take the printed logo off and then I applied some polish to it which makes it look much better. The photo above shows the pump with the logo and without and it mounted on the frame.

1 comment:

walawalaoxenfree said...

Send me the distance between your pump pegs and I'll check if I have a "period correct" pump.

Very nice blog, BTW.