Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A short spin

As I had the day off yesterday I decided to take a short spin on the Humber after lunch. I headed down the main road away from my house towards the Agano river where there are several parks the border the river as I thought that would be a nice place for a pipe & a beer. Luckily the weather was on my side and it only started to lightly drizzle on my way home. While at the river I took one of the photos above which also shows the Gozu mountain range in the distance, quite I often when I have a day off I take off early at sparrows fart = kiwi slang for early in the morning to ride out into the hills. On this day however I enjoyed some nice pipe tobacco & a bottle of dark ale by the river before taking another route back towards my house. One the way back I rode along side a few rice fields which will be ready to harvest soon by the look of them. For a short ride it was rather enjoyable and it was good to take the Humber out for it's first spin since being renovated.

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