Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Basic tool kit

Pictured above is my basic tool kit which I take on all of my rides which consists of an original British leather tool bag , which has seen better days but has new straps added on the original buckles and has been re sewn to give it added strength. Inside is carried a set of 3 steel tire levers as I've experienced broken plastic tire levers before and at least with steel levers you won't have any trouble. Two old British bicycle tools , the larger one is a Brooks ( The saddle maker ) tool featuring a headset spanner which fits the Humber perfectly and a BB lock ring spanner the other tool is an unknown make featuring two hex nut spanners ( one of them fits the stem bolt which is rather handy for lowering bars to fit my bike into it's bicycle bag for transporting it on trains etc ) the other two smaller square nut fittings are for Williams style crank set chain ring bolts and another BB lock ring spanner & pedal spanner. These old style tools are fantastic as one they are incredibility strong and designed to fit most parts , nuts etc on older British bicycles. And last is a Britannia repair outfit , these can often be found in antique shops or e bay etc and are made of tin with various advertising printed on them. If you find one that is complete it may contain the original repair kit which by now will not be in very good shape so you should then replace the contents with a brand new puncture kit, patches, glue & sandpaper etc. And if you riding a 3 speed a spare hub gear indicator chain is also rather a handy item to carry. The tool kit described above is rather basic but it will do for most rides. At a later date I'll detail a full list of what to carry on multi day tours etc. Remember it's not a lot of fun to find yourself stranded deep in the hills without any tools.

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