Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A border crossing plan " Kitakata to Tsugawa "

Since getting the Humber back on the road I've been keen to do a long ride and recently my cycling partner Brian & I have decided to take a run across the border into Fukushima. Our plan is outlined above and we'll start from Niigata city and ride to Niitsu where the 1st train to Fukushima leaves at 6.30am each morning once at Niitsu we pack our bicycles into our cycle bags and board the train bound for Kitakata a town located in Fukushima well known for it's traditional storehouses ( Kura ) and it's 120 ramen shops. Once at Kitakata we assemble our bicycles and head along route 16 and then route 336 to Kumano Shrine which is 900 years old and is unique because it has neither walls or doors and is supported by a vast amount of large wooden pillars . After viewing the shrine we'll then head towards Yamato on route 61 and cross the river and head inland on route 338 past another small village called Iwami which then joins route 361 before joining up with the busier route 459 which will lead us back to Tsugawa along side the mighty Agano river. Tsugawa is to be our final cycling destination for the day where we will board a train back towards Niigata city to dodge the large tunnel & busy traffic. If the forecast is fine we be doing this ride on the 23rd of Sept which is a public holiday and Autumn Equinox day. Check back after the 23rd for a full report and photos

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NickMadrone said...

I live in Kitakata and ride bikes as much as I can around my area, sometimes on my one-speed Mama Chari. I was excited to run across this article, though it seems like it was planned/attempted quite a long time ago. Did you accomplish it?