Monday, 1 September 2008

Kitayama Ike park

As the weather was fine on Sunday morning I headed off towards Kitayama Ike park a small pond surrounded by trees in the suburb of Kameda in Niigata City. My mate Brian joined me on his mountain bike ( I'll get him into British 3 speed bicycle's one day I'm sure ). We took some of the quieter roads out of the suburb where I live and not long after crossing the railways tracks we veered left to take a look at an old temple that was being rebuilt. A vast amount of money must have been spent so far as nearly all of the woodwork & carvings were new. I'm sure it will look fantastic once it's finished and I guess it should be completed within a few months. After leaving the temple we then headed further out into the countryside past some rather green rice fields then took a side road towards the direction of Kitayama Ike park. We finally located the park in the middle of several houses surrounded by trees and as usual there were plenty of local anglers fishing from their high tech alloy fishing seats. We had only been here once before but it's a rather nice place to sit and relax especially with a tobacco pipe and a cool drink. While relaxing on a park bench we enjoyed watching the locals land a few decent sized fish and also witnessed a rather funny incident involving a school boy who was using a telescopic fishing rod only to have a fish take off across the pond with half of his rod. The lad suffered a fair bit of ribbing from his fellow anglers with one of them shouting " Wonderful " when the fish escaped with his rod. But not long after another fisherman lent the boy a hand and managed to fish out the fishing rod minus the fish. After relaxing in the sunshine for about an hour or so we headed back into the city to one of our favorite Indian restaurant for lunch. For a short morning ride it was rather nice and it just goes to show you don't need to venture far from home to enjoy a nice bicycle ride. Pictured above are a few photos I took last Sunday morning.

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