Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Sept the 23rd touring part 2

The photos above show where we made a brief drink stop before heading up a rather steep climb to the top of a low mountain range. In the photo of the Humber on the bridge you can see rice sheaths drying on the rack beside the road in the background. This is quite a common sight in the countryside around Niigata as Niigata is well known for it's high quality rice. Another picture shows me drinking from my water bottle already covered in sweat from carrying a backpack, I've ordered a Carradice Nelson longflap touring bag which should arrive soon so I won't have to carry a backpack again which will be fantastic. Little did I know how steep the accent of the small mountain range was to be as I was forced to use my lowest gear and later on I was forced to dismount & walk the steeper sections. The view from the tops made the climb worthwhile and decent into the valley below was rather nice. Along the way we heard the constant chatter of monkey's and came around a bend in the road to witness a monkey starring at us who quickly too fright and headed back into the forest.

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