Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sept the 23rd touring part 5

After consuming some sandwiches that I had purchased earlier in the morning we departed the campground and headed up a short climb that passed through a tunnel leading us down the valley where we often passed old houses tucked away in the forest, I'm not sure if these houses were occupied or not as some of them may have been holiday houses owned by fishermen , hikers etc. Near the bottom of the hill we stopped off at a brand new toilet block located beside the road and ventured down a cobblestone path that lead to a large open campsite by the river ( another possible spot for future camping ). On road leading down towards the campsite was a hut that in the summer season sold beer etc to campers and on both sides of the road were old style railway signals which looked rather odd as there has never been a railway in this area. Further down the road the valley opened out and before us was a vast number of rice fields and as the weather was quite cool everyone was busy harvesting their rice. The photos above were taken on this section of the ride.

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