Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sept the 23rd touring part 6

We after coming down the valley mentioned in the last post we headed through the town of Murumatsu and tried to find a quieter road to ride home on, a few weeks ago Brian met a local cyclist who informed him of a cycle road and as luck would have it we stumbled upon it by accident while heading along a side road. Once we found the cycle path the going was very easy apart from the numerous bridges that intersected the cycle path that you had to cross. Further down the cycle path we saw a sign stating the path was called the Rin Rin road ( Wheel Wheel road ) and it was about 17km long. You can see how nice the cycle path is from one of the above photos and a map showing the cycle path route. After leaving the cycle path we headed back towards the city on the quietest roads that we could find and arrived back in Niigata city around 12pm where we stopped at " Steak One " an all you can eat buffet place which was just the thing for two hungry cyclists. In total I had cycled 120km and not once did the Humber let me down, not bad for a bicycle built in 1947. Next month we are planning on doing our Kitakata to Tsugawa ride if the weather allows.

Don Speden
3 Speed touring in Japan

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