Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Sept the 23rd touring

Well as the weather report was looking suspect we decided to abandon our plans to ride from Kitakata to Tsugawa due to the forecast of rain in the late afternoon. Instead we proceeded to cycle out of the city at 5am and headed towards Niitsu where if we had stuck to our original plan we would have boarded the train bound for Kitakata. After skirting a low range of hills that border Niitsu we headed for Murumatsu a small town located at the base of the hills that we were going to cycle through. As 7.30am approached we stopped off at a convenience store to have breakfast and then proceeded to head inland along side the Mt range till we reached the valley we wanted to follow. Pictured above is a map showing the route we took from Niigata city into the mountains of Murumatsu.

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