Monday, 1 September 2008

A visit to Ken Pipes

On Monday the weather was also fine and as I had the day off I decided to visit my mate Ken a Tobacco pipe maker who lives out in the countryside in a small town called Ogikawa. After heading along the same road that I had taken with Brian the morning before I continued onward till the road met up with the mighty Agano river which I then rode alongside until the turn off towards Ogikawa. Pictured above in the posting is a photo of the Humber in front of the Agano river showing the Mt Gozu range in the background. After the photo stop I headed to take a look around the Northern Culture museum where I took a few more photos such as the one above with the Humber next to a very old post office box , the Northern Culture museum features some fantastic old building's belonging to the Ito family who was once a major land owner in the area and their once private residence is now open to the public as a popular museum. After taking a few more photos around the neighborhood I pressed on towards Ogikawa and it was not long before I had arrived at Kens house. As a former tobacco pipe maker myself it's always a pleasure to visit Kens workshop and see what he has been up to as he makes some outstanding tobacco pipes. If you happen to be a pipe smoker check out Kens website at the following address

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