Thursday, 2 October 2008

Humber specification update

After my mishap with the Sturmey archer hub last year my Humber sports sat idle for quite some time before I got around to getting the 3 speed hub overhauled by Jon Sharratt the organizer of the now famous Lake Pepin 3 speed tour. Since getting the Humber back on the road I've been making the most of the weather before winter sets in and the roads are covered in snow. I've recently made a few changes to the Humber in keeping with it's original specifications which are outlined below.

While getting the Sturmey Archer ABC rear hub overhauled a new Sturmey 22 tooth cog was fitted as I often ride deep into the local mountains.

2 NOS hardened anti-rotate washers under the original black axle nuts.

A new Sram chain and a half-link as the old chain was now too short with the lager 22 T cog installed

A brand new Brooks B 17 champion standard with black rails - the reason for this up grade is that the old Brooks B 17 champion narrow recently came apart at one of the saddle nose rivets and rather have a saddle nose fall apart while on a long ride I thought I'd replace it with a period correct B 17. I did until recently use my older Brooks professional with the large copper rivets but it was too modern for the 1947 Humber

A Carradice saddlebag, the model I chose was the large Nelson long flap ( in black ) because it expands from 15ltr to 18ltr and I'm keen to do some overnight trips with a tent, sleeping bag, cooker etc. And from my research into 1940s period cycling in the UK it seems that the Nelson long flap was a popular choice at the time.

Listed below is the specification list for the bike

SPORTS model 321

FRAME: 20"
WHEELS: 26" x 1 3/4 Dunlop Endrick stainless steel rims with 14 g SS spokes
TYRES: National custom ( original made in New Zealand Dunlop tyres were too unsafe to use )
HUBS: Front quick release with wing nuts Rear Sturmey Archer ABC with 22 T cog
GEAR: 3 Speed with Sturmey Archer trigger shifter
PEDALS: Gent's rat trap
HANDLEBAR: Medium drop Lauterwasser bars ( re chromed ) with adjustable stem & Humber lamp clip
BRAKES: Front caliper Rear drum brake
SADDLE: Brooks B17 champion standard in black leather with black rails
FINISH: Frame & fork black enamel , Mudguards white enamel , usual bright parts chrome
EXTRAS: Raleigh NOS kickstand , Black pump ( Zefal with the logo removed ), Carradice Nelson long flap saddlebag, Mudguard flap,Viva metal water bottle & cage,2 x 3 speed tour bag tags

What other up grades could the Humber possibly require ? , well the only other things that I'd like to fit to the Humber is a period correct Lucas cyclometer to record my travels & the Old Bicycle company has some very nice early pattern rubber grips that would look fantastic on the Humber. Oh and a nice Pifco British battery powered headlamp.

So if anyone out there has the following for sale please contact me:

Lucas Cyclometer for 26" wheels in good condition

Chrome Pifco battery powered head lamp

Pictured above is a recent photo of the 1947 Humber Sports


Jay said...

Hi. I've been checking out your blog. That's a beautiful bike. I was wondering, are those the original fenders?

Don Speden said...

Hi Jay

They are exact copies of the original fenders, the old fenders where in pretty bad condition and were also damaged when the bike was in transit to Japan

Those fenders are available new from the Old Bicycle Co which is linked on my site

Cheers Don

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