Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pottering around the city: part 1

As yesterday was my day off I decided to potter around the city on my bike, at first I rode from my house into the center of the city and followed the bike path along side the Shinano river which is rather nice and in some places is shaded by trees. This cycle path is very popular with cyclists, joggers etc and further along crosses the river and heads towards Kobari beach. Once on this section of road you can head straight for Mt Kakuda alongside the coast or do as I did which was to turn left and head towards Niigata University where I had been informed there was a very good small Bagel shop called Bagel 1 after dodging thousands of students cycling on the wrong side of the road and cycling past the shop twice, I finally located it and purchased some of their delicious bagels two plain bagels and a filled one for lunch later on. Pictured above are two photos taken on the cycle path one shows the Bandai bridge which is located in the center of the city and the other photo was taken further along the riverside.

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