Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pottering around the city: part 3

After eating my Gelato I decided to take a look at Gokoku Shrine which is located in the center of a park between the coast & the city. Even though I lived in Niigata City now for four & a half years I had never been here before so was rather surprised to see how large it was as it's completely hidden from view when driving past. The Shrine complex consists of the main shrine building and next to it located on the left is what appears to be a band new Victorian styled wedding reception center and two very old traditional buildings that house the administration office and a small museum. Also located in this area where some other smaller shrine buildings & a large car park. If you ever get to Niigata be sure to visit this beautiful area as it's well worth a look. Above are a few pictures that were taken at Gokoku Shrine.

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