Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pottering around the city: part 5

After stopping off at the small shop in the last posting I then headed downhill to Gako cho which is another old area located in the center of the city. Once in Gako Cho I rode along the narrow street to Liqueur shop Okura where I purchased a can of dark beer for lunch. Liqueur shop Okura is another unusual shop as it's a dry cleaners, bottle store & restaurant. You can go there anytime of the day or night as it's almost open 24 hours and you can take a seat and help yourself to the bottle store drinks from the large fridges, of course there is an extra charge but it's still rather cheap. After leaving Gako Cho I headed back the way I had come to rejoin the seaside cycle path where I stopped for a beer & a Bagel before heading home to Kodo through the underground cycle path that runs under the mouth of the Shinano river. By the time I had returned home I had cycled a leisurely 45kms and visited a few new places along the way.

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